Quality and quantity is what we grow!

Our family welcomes and invites you to embrace the future together. We want to be closer with our customers, and show you the quality of our products. Since the beginning we have tried to innovate and learn every day to get to you the best product in the market.

As we have grown, our associates have grown with us. We try to create more value in every work positions throughout the company,  and help in better education and training of our employees becoming a positive influence in our community. We thank all our customers, partners and all the people that with hard work and enthusiasm create this great place to work.

NFP has a state of the art packing facility for all its products. With more than 9000 ft2 of space for packing  mini cucumbers and bell peppers within all its different packaging stiles. we make sure every fruit that go through the packing lines is perfect for  the market.

Human rights, security and food safety are part of our main guidelines, that’s why we get certified by Primus Lab on GFS Primus standard certification.

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Highest quality produce

Natural Flavor Produce provides you with the highest quality produce at competitive price throughout the domestic or/and international markets. We pride ourselves in providing quality, efficiency and sustainability. Natural Flavor Produce is what your looking for to meet your local, domestic and/or international needs.

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